Sunday, June 17, 2007

Wussed Out

Yeah, I wussed out tonight. I was riding into Wildwood as the sky absolutely exploded. It went from perfectly sunny to hail, lightning, and howling wind in about two minutes. This all happened at about the moment I passed the "Wildwood 1km" sign, and in that short length of time I got pounded, exhausted, frozen and soaked. So I'm in the Wildwood Hotel now enjoying a few luxuries I haven't had in a while, such as:
1) a bed - last time I had a whole bed to myself was in April (i was occasionally able to steal meghan's bed when she happened to be out of town).
2) television - last time I had an actual television was at Lee and Nikki's house in February.
3) a shower - haven't had a proper shower since Kamloops, just over a week ago. I did have a cold shower at a provincial park swimming pool in Clearwater, but that was just a painful tease.
4) electricity - I haven't had reasonable access to electricity (to power the electronics warehouse I'm carrying - telephone, camera, computer) since I left Victoria almost two weeks ago.

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