Sunday, June 17, 2007

Playbug's Playmate of the Month for June - Miss Skeeto

Hometown: A brackish pool somewhere.
Age: 1 week as an egg, 2 weeks as a larva, 1 week as a pupa, and about 12 hours as an adult - so around a month all together.
Measurements: 0.002" - 0.001" - 0.003"
Eye colour: Black - all eight of them.
Hair: Black, bristly, and mostly concentrated around the thorax area.

Q and A:
Hobbies? "I used to spend a lot of time swimming, but now that I'm a little older I feel my tastes have become a little more refined and varied. I'm really into blood, sucking, and bloodsucking."
Turn-ons? "The half hour before sunset where all the exothermic mammals are trying to enjoy that last beautiful gasp of sunlight.
Ideal partner? "What I really look for in a mate is the ability to skim just over the surface of the water while fertilizing all 6 million of my eggs."
Ideal date? "Blood for dinner, followed by hovering around in a swarm for a bit, followed by sex-for-reproductive-purposes-only, followed by biologically necessitated death."
Describe yourself? "Well I'm just your average girl-next-door who needs to parasitize necessary procreative proteins from other animals. I don't necessarily expect everyone to understand that, but I think they should be able to accept it."

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