Saturday, June 30, 2007

Critical Mass

This evening I went to Critical Mass for the first time ever. We started at Churchill Park, just outside of city hall, and wound our way south of the river, via the High Level Bridge, and then turned east on Whyte Avenue. It was great to see so many bikes (probably around a hundred) take over the streets, stop automobile traffic, and receive so much support from the public. Drivers honked encouragement as they waited for us to pass, and we collected unaware cyclists as we rode on.

I have to say that crossing the bridge was the best part. I've crossed that bridge about a dozen times in the past week, always in the bike lane and always in the din of automobile traffic. Riding in the main lane was such a pleasure that most people unconsciously sped up to enjoy the ride, while others tried to remind us of the temporary privilege of being where we were by shouting out "Slow down!"

I am so seriously excited about doing Critical Mass in St. John's when I arrive there in September. It happens one day before the show opens at RCA, so it should be a fantastic week of bike activities!

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