Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Time Zones

I've just passed into Alberta and realized a few things:

1) I've never been so far north at this time of year, except perhaps in Labrador as a child. Also, I am in the very extreme western portion of the time zone. It is now 10:17pm and still sunny outside. Awesome!

2) Because I'm traveling east towards St. John's I am going to have a shorter summer than anyone else. For every kilometre that I travel the sun will go down a little earlier every day. In fact, for me a day is no longer 24 hours. If I had access to the internet right now I'd work it out exactly, but to estimate I'd say my average noon-to-noon time span is about 23h57m45s (4.5 hours lost over a period of 120 days). Dang. Of course that's only an estimate.

3) Although I've never been a big fan, Broken Social Scene is one of the few appropriate bands to listen to on your laptop while recording the meanderings of your mind as you are huddled under the forest canopy in the shadow of the lofty Rocky Mountains. I believe that drinking Carling Black Label Ice may be completely inappropriate.


Anonymous said...

I'll probably pass you between Edmonton and Sask. I'm heading to Jasper for my brother's wedding.
Are you comin' back to Regina?
Awesome project! Glad your getting out there with the work.

Anonymous said...

We're all here looking at your blog! Mom, Dad, Tina, John and Andrew

Hello from Newfoundland!!!!

Keep in touch!

Robin said...