Saturday, June 30, 2007


I just wanted to thank everyone who made Edmonton such a memorable experience!

Thanks to the staff at Harcourt House - Vince, Terrena, Malina, Michelle, Roger, Mike, and Linda - for working so hard to make my exhibition possible. You folks did a really fantastic job!

Thanks to Edmund and the rest of the board of Harcourt House for inviting me to show here!

Thanks to all the artists at the Annex - Fran, Eileen, Margaret, Shelly, Linda, Beth and everyone else - for putting up with me working so messily in your space!

Thanks to Revolution Cycle for donating materials and tools for the cause!

Thanks to Mike and Raymond for buying me beer, to Jeff and Estheranna for inviting me into their home, to Joshua for the concert ticket, to the Meals on Wheels guy who insisted on bringing me lunch every day, to the guy who gave me the movie ticket, to Bill and Brian for helping out in the shop, to Terrena for the tour of the river valley, to Barb for the DVD, to Waylon and Sherry for turning back the clock ten years, to Robin for coming so far just to say hello, and of course to Colin who knows how to make a guy feel at home!

And most importantly, many, many, many thanks to the dozens of people - Molly, Andy, Ania, Amir, Chrissie, Daryl, Charlotte, Ruth-Anne, and everyone else - who brought in their bikes and participated in the project!

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