Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Honkers are Wankers

Why, oh why, must you honk at me? I already know you are there - you are a car/truck/van - you make A LOT of noise. I am already as far to the right as I care to go. I will not go farther if you honk. What is likely to happen if you honk as you whiz past me at 100km per hour is that I will be startled. And when I get startled I sometimes jump. And if I jump while balancing 200 pounds on two skinny little wheels I am just a little more likely to end up as a red stain on the pavement, or possibly even on your automobile.

And if you are honking to show your support (and I know some of you are) I appreciate the sentiment, but please please please find another way to do so. Slow down, roll down your window and say hello. Wave at me as you pass. Just do not blast your horn in my ear from point blank range. Thanks.

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