Monday, June 25, 2007

Old Friends

Readers of this blog may be pleased to know that I connected with a couple of old friends. Ruthanne French, a classmate from my earliest days in Regina, has been stopping by the gallery to make sure I have a steady stream of bikes to fix as well as Izze juice to drink. Ruthanne has been living in Edmonton since Regina and now teaches, works and volunteers with arts organizations around the city. She rented a studio here at Harcourt House for a while, which means that we are neighbours spacially if not temporally.

An even more amazing coincidence is that I've been able to meet up with Waylon Jennings, a very good friend from Stephenville who I haven't talked to since 1997 (ah, the magic of facebook). Waylon picked me up downtown and brought me out to his place where we drank beer, ate Doritos, told stories, did some illegal dumping, and listened to Pink Floyd all night. My face hurt from laughing so much. But the best thing about this meeting - and the reason we were listening to Floyd - is that both Waylon and I had tickets to the Roger Waters concert the very next night! Imagine: Mike Flaherty and Waylon Jennings at a Dark Side of the Moon concert!!!

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