Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Here are some travel photos, presented in chronological order:

Crossing the border into Washington:

Riding from Seattle to Port Angeles. They have the most beautiful bike trail that goes about half the distance:

The ferry from Port Angeles to Victoria. Note the snowy peaks of the Olympic Mountains in the background:

The Lochside Trail in Victoria which goes all the way from downtown to the ferry terminal in Sidney. Jyelle rode out there with me so I wouldn't be lonely.

The Fraser river valley, just east of Vancouver. They say that the Fraser is going through the worst flooding in 30 years:

The Thompson River, after it separates from the Fraser has an entirely different landscape. The transformation from lush forest to dry scrubland is astonishing:

Lake Kamloops. Kamploops is one of the sunniest cities in Canada, apparently. It rained while I was there:

North of Kamploops the country gets a little less arid. The North Thompson river valley is really awesome (notice the snow-capped peaks in the background):

Upon reaching the Rockies I left the river valleys behind and climbed through Red Pass. Here is Mount Robson, highest peak in the Canadian Rockies at 3954m. Too bad the sky wasn't a little more clear, but at least we can see it. A few moments later it disappeared completely:

From Mount Robson it was only about 50km to Alberta:


Anonymous said...

great posts and photos bubba!
when i rode through kananaskis i was terrified the whole time, i'm sure that is the only thing that got me up those hills. the fear of getting stuck in a valley with a grizzly was not my idea of a cup of tea.
at night i didn't sleep just listened, wide eyed, every sound near shit me pant!
please come home were the bear run away crying and rumble stripes are gravel roads...

dilling said...

we LOVE kamloops...
what a great ride... sweet.
And all the posts with Vancouver Island, Washington, etc...you were so close...