Monday, July 09, 2007


Had a good time in Regina last weekend. I arrived in town at about 1pm and stopped at O'Hanlon's for a pint o' Guinness. After relaxing for a bit I cruised down to the university to finally dispose of the refuse from my thesis exhibition. Yes, that is correct - Rublic is now in the collection of the Regina Landfill Authority. I got to spend the rest of the evening catching up with Grace and Jim at their house. Jim, who was very ill when I left Regina, is now back in fighting form, which I was very happy to see.

Friday I did some odds and ends around the university, and met up with some people at O'Hanlon's for drinks later in the night. My plan was to leave early the next morning, but I hadn't sorted out all the things I had wanted to send to Newfoundland so everything got delayed.

Which was OK, since I got to spend Saturday hanging with Carolyn. We barbecued some salmon and had fresh vegetables from her garden, and basically exercised our right to gluttony. Oh yeah - and we toasted with some white wine that she had made. Delicious!

Then I got on the road around 2pm on Sunday and got the heck out of Dodge. Who knows when I will be back.

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p.s. i'm sure there's a bit of rublic that doesn't belong to the landfill yet. i think i had a smoke on it on thursday. comfy.