Monday, July 16, 2007

Hanging with Michael Beachy in Staples, MN

I have arrived in Minnesota, and now I'm lazing about in Staples, home of Michael Beachy. Michael is a guy who I met through the Me(a)ghans in Vancouver and ended up hanging out with quite a bit. Purely through coincidence I have to ride through Staples to get to Minneapolis and I have a day to kill. We are going to go swimming right now, and then I'm going out to document the scenery in Staples. I will report back soon.

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Anonymous said...

MIke oh mikes! so good to hear about your travels. i feel for your rear end. teresa and chris took me biking and for days my ass hurt when a would sit anywhere. you must be tough.
good to hear that i am not the only one with rain goddess issues. ..... . taker easy and bike safely. i am goign swimming with Laura and her two kids today! i'll think of you as i bob up and down in the waves. ta ta
as always,