Monday, July 09, 2007

Extreme Weather Phenomenon

Last night I stopped in Weyburn and battened down the hatches for what looked like an all-out assault by the weather. Well, that never happened - until today, that is. I got up early and rode fast, but by noon it was apparent that my luck was running out. Playing it safe I stopped at a grocery store in a small town called Macoun. A few minutes later the sky exploded dropping about 3cm of rain in an hour. By the time it cleared off enough to ride again it was 4pm, and I headed for Estevan. Arriving in Estevan it appeared the same thing was about to happen - and it did. So here I am at 8pm at a restuarant in Estevan considering getting a motel room for the night because to this incredible rain. Blah.

By the way, I think that I might be a rain god, and that the clouds adore me and have to be near me.

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