Thursday, July 05, 2007


I'm not writing this to boast, only to show how perfect the conditions were and how much I was enjoying myself. I rode 200km yesterday, from Saskatoon to Bethune, which is far more than I've ever ridden in a single day before.

The weather was perfect - mid to high twenties, dry, and a good strong tailwind. There was no traffic - I spent most of the day out in the lane instead of on the rough shoulder. I was barely able to force myself to stop and whenever I did all I wanted to do was get back on and ride again. Even when the sun went down I couldn't stop - I rode until the last remnants of daylight were no longer enough to safely see my way. I knew I had a good day, but I really had no idea how far I went until I pulled into Bethune and passed a sign that said: SASKATOON 200.

I am very happy - and lucky - to be doing this.

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Anonymous said...

Double Metric Century!! (klaxons sound, confetti bursts)

You have earned the VeloKarma now for your own personal May 2-4. The cycle gods are that pleased.