Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Weekend

People crawled out of bed slowly over the course of Saturday morning. For my part, I actually did fairly well. I was up and showered by 9:30. Adrienne had gotten the worst out of the night before (it was her good-bye party - she left for Brooklyn in the afternoon), nevertheless I found her in the kitchen cooking up some vegan pancakes when I got there.
I was really looking forward to having a slow day. After breakfast I went back to bed to play some video games and listen to Fur Packed Action for a while. I thought I'd try to look at all the bikes that had mysteriously appeared during the past couple days.

Several bikes in various states of disrepair that had been discovered on the Watershed property had been brought to the front lawn and left for me to look at. Over the course of the afternoon each of the residents and staff brought along his/her own bike to add to the list. I think just about everyone there had one - Karin, Monica, Stephen, Adrienne and Sarah. So basically we lounged around on the lawn all day. While I worked on the bikes Monica, Jeffrey and Tom played whiffle ball or frisbee, Paige and Janine spun poi, and Stephen brought along some pots to glaze. By the end of the day I was pretty bushed. We had supper and afterwards half of us, including me, crashed while the other half went for a late night swim and campfire at Peter's Pond. I wish I could've gone, but it would've just been too much.

Sunday was also pretty relaxed, with most people not putting in appearances until noon or even later. I was actually pretty busy - I threw together a disk of the slide presentations we did on Friday so that everyone would have some images of everyone else's work, I had a bunch of bike tour "business" to attend to, and I finished up my job application. But I was done by suppertime, just in time to enjoy spring rolls, salad, and noodles with delicious peanut sauce. We finished the day off with an ice cream run, followed by a short group bike ride around the backroads of the 'shed.

Monday morning came way too early and I unenthusiastically packed up my gear. It took until lunchtime, so I got to have one last great meal before I left - green salad, pasta salad, veggie burgers and sweet potato fries. After a round of hugs and handshakes I pushed my bike to the top of the driveway and rolled away fattened and rested. Watershed was great - thanks for the fun week, folks.

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