Sunday, August 26, 2007


The last day of the week, and my last working day. Things have been going really well around here, so I think we're pretty far ahead of schedule. We got off to a little bit of a late start, but I drew a good job - removing lights from the summer studio and installing them in the winter studio. This occupied most of my morning, as I was pretty interested in doing my best to make the winter studio look a little better. Lunch was the usual amazing feast of healthy and delicious food, after which I helped clean the kitchen. Most of us weren't exactly in the mood to work too hard at the end of the week so we had an easy afternoon.

Quitting time was 3pm, and we planned slide talks for 3:30. We went through about ten people in three hours - there was some really great work:

All week long people have been talking about going out on the town on Friday night. I thought this meant that I'd get dragged to a club somewhere or other. But this is Maine, so what we actually did was drive to a seaside restaurant and bar, eat lobster and drink beer. What a relief!!! We actually had quite the fiasco getting there - after several wrong turns in a row we found ourselves in the completely wrong place. An odd gentleman wearing suspenders with his shorts and earmuffs as he was mowing the post office lawn got us back on track. Having spent an hour and a half to do a twenty minute drive we ordered as soon as we got there. The place closed at 9pm (as, I'm told, EVERYTHING around here does) so we got kicked out and headed home.

Karin and Stephen had spent the afternoon repairing the fire pit. We loaded it full of wood from the kiln pad and lit it up. What followed was a party that could easily compete with any of those I'd been a part of at the Bray a couple years ago. It's impossible for me to not compare everything at Watershed with Archie Bray, though I'm not sure it's fair for me to do so.

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