Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Beehive Collective

What's the Beehive Collective? They are a group of artists who make and distribute anti-copyright imagery largely about Northern dealings in the economy, politics and millitary of Latin America. Their work takes the form of elaborate large scale black-and-white ink drawings (easily reproducible) filled with images, text and symbols. The works show, in a very didactic and easily readable way, both terrible and hopeful stories having to do with globalization and environmental destruction, as well as their local effects.

After their slide show I went to talk to them, to thank them for the amazing presentation and to compliment them on their fantastic research and work. I also told them about my project and they invited me to visit them when I get a little further up the coast in Machias.

You should visit their website right here:
Beehive Collective
I will write a little more about them after my visit.

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