Saturday, August 11, 2007

Thank-You! Thank-You! Thank-You!

I can't leave without giving a big thanks to everyone who made my stay in Kingston possible.

Jocelyn and Morgan at Union Gallery - Thanks for all your prep work and help while I was in town. None of this could have happened without you!

Mike and Brad at Yellow Bike Action - Thanks for the awesome deals, the encouragement, the advice, and for doing all the awesome things you do!

Cyclepath - Thanks for lending me your repair stand. I can't imagine how I would've coped without it.

Christian - Thanks for letting me stay with you. You are a couchsurfing god!

Peggy - Thanks for the company and tasty treats!!!

Emma - Thanks for the bread, grapes and cheese (mmmmmm...cheese...*mike drools*). I ate it all in one go.

Kristin, Karla, Moon, Sergio, Jan, Anna, Matt, Alex, Edward, Genna and everyone else who's name I've forgotten (I need to get better at that!) - Thanks for taking part, for riding your bikes, and making everything just a little bit better!

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