Friday, August 17, 2007

I Love Yew Nork

Well, I skipped out on the Wolfe Island Music Festival. Turned out that it was twice as expensive as I was told, there were no camping spaces left, and I couldn't find the friend I was supposed to meet. So I kept on pedaling and crossed over to New York that very night.

My route took me through the Adirondacks. The second night, August 12 I reached Cranberry Lake, just the point where the land turns from typical Great Lakes Basin agriculture and industry to amazing forest, lakes and hills. I timed it so I would be there for the Perseid Meteor Shower, best shower of the year. I remember once when we were kids Jason and I sat on the top of Drake's Head in Shoal Harbour and counted hundreds of meteors per hour during this shower. So I went all out in my preparations for a good show. I paid for a really nice campsite beside a lake that had a pier with a horizon to horizon view. I got there a little early and got everything set up so I wouldn't miss anything. Then I made a trip into town and got snacks - doritos, twizzlers, bananas - and a flask of whiskey so I could have a little nip to keep the chill of the lake off me.

I cruised back to the campsite and watched the sun go down over the horizon. As soon as that happened a huge dark cloud came up over the horizon and blotted out the entire sky. My light show was a bust, so I sat on the pier and got shitfaced on the bottle of whiskey until the rain started. What else was there to do?

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