Sunday, August 26, 2007

Bike Blogs

Here are the blogs of some other cyclists that I've met along the way this summer. They are a little more of the conventional variety (at least they are not interrupted by ranting and raving about this and that like mine occasionally is), but are full of good traveling stories and lots of what it feels like to travel via bicycle.

First, the story of Jerry, Roy and Michelle, three folks from California who are riding the Adventure Cycling trail from Anacortes, Washington to Boston. I believe they've recently finished, so you can read about their complete trip:

Coast 2 Coast Ride

And next, the story of Reuben, an intrepid traveler from New Zealand attempting to cross Canada by trail rather than road (for the most part). This one comes highly recommended by me - it is full of lots of good stories with hardships and victories and adventure:

Victoria to St. John's - The Scenic Route

Two excellent reads for anyone seriously thinking about doing something like this.

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