Monday, September 17, 2007

Worst Day Yet?

Leave it to good ol' Nova scotia to provide me with the wildest weather I have seen in months and months. While yesterday was nothing short of glorious, and even this morning was fine by any standard, this afternoon saw everything turn against me. Passing Pictou on the way to New Glasgow is where the rain first started. It wasn't bad to begin with - just light drizzle blowing around in all directions - but it got darker, harder and heavier as the day wore on. I was determined to make it to Antogonish, so I pedalled onwards. The wind came up, directly in my face of course, and made the going so slow that befiore long I was looking for a place to camp. But Highway 104 is not exactly the most hospitable area, being as it is lined with dense brush, so I had little choice but to keep going forward.

I can't imagine how horrible it would be to have to change a flat in this kind of weather, but the gods of irony endeavoured to help me find out. My front tube popped, but I may have the last laugh, as it happened directly in front of Gerard and Ethel's Star Lite Campground in Marshy Hope. I pushed my bike down the drive, put my tent up as quickly as I could, and now I'm sitting here listening to the pounding rain and howling wind. I'm just gonna take care of everything tomorrow when Environment Canada has promised me sun. It better arrive early and bring some heat.

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Unknown said...

Hey Mike, time to hole up and munch cookies in the tent for a while.