Monday, September 17, 2007


I need to thank a whole bunch of people this time. The show at Struts was amazing and I had just the best time.

John, Jess and Paul: thank-you for running one of the finest galleries I have ever visited. You put up with all my demands and like real pros!

Lianne and Ange: you two are awesome roommates - thanks for feeding, housing and just basically taking care of me. I'd love to return the hospitality someday so you are welcome to visit me wherever I might be.

Tara, Leah, Kip and the rest of the board - Thanks for inviting me to town and making me feel at home. You rock!

David, Elizabeth and family - thank you for the amazing dinner, it was lovely meeting you. I hope the trailer works out for you!

Nick - thanks for inviting me to your party - soon we will lead a great socialist nation!

Naoko - The sushi was great, but the visit was even better! It was terrific to see you!

Bucky Buckler - thanks for the tools and the junkers - without your grinder Tara would still be after me to fix that pedal!

Ove - I think the show wouldn't have been possible in quite the same way without your contribution. Thanks so much!

John - thanks for the help and of course for being that guy who brings in the "project" bike :)

Chris - thanks for the beer. Next time I pass through I will take care of that bike for you.

Jesse - the tomatoes and cukes were dee-lish! Thanks so much!

Kat, Vanessa, Seamus, Nick, Amelia, Julia, Lorne, Amanda, Jason and everyone else who brought in a bike, or came to the talk, or just came to hang out - thank-you so much!!! You made my stay in Sackville great, and you make the world a little bit better every time you ride your bike!

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