Saturday, September 29, 2007

Corner Brook

While I was in Sackville my friend Steph in Corner Brook suggested I stop at Grenfell College to show my project. To tell you the truth, I'd been thinking about it for a while, but had lacked the initiative at this late date to actually make it happen. Well, I mentioned the idea to John Murchie at Struts, and within the day he had talked with his contacts there and everything was set up. So I was stopping in for a day and a half to do a talk and a quick workshop.

Talk about your serendipity - I got to hang out with friends Steph and Hope for a day, my mom and dad decided to come for a visit, I had an awesome response from my audience, and I even managed to pick up a nice (and much needed) pay cheque from the event.

Many thanks to Les and the rest of the faculty at the college for a great day!

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